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a piece of action. we know those who have been pushed to the grave will want a piece of the new syria. >> eliot: you think we've been delinquent in our response. >> had we intervened early had the cavalry come early there would have been no missiles needed put now we declare that the syrian people are saying who are you to make these judgments about us? where have you been and why haven't you aided this rebellion. the rebels have fought and died and suffered alone. i go quite a bit every now and then to the syrian-turkey border and talk to refugees in the refugee camp, the faith in the united states is viscerated. >> eliot: to move south where the revolution is a year or two years ahead chronologicalcally if not in terms of theory, what do you see emerging in cairo in egypt where the constitutional referendum will occur shortly. will it pass? and what is your view of the constitution? >> there will be this vote on this constitution. it will be a two-state vote. one vote will be cast this saturday and then another vote cast in the successful saturdays. the constitution is very very--if
on both sides of the aisle an understanding that we have to take action. not to act governor, i believe makes this congress complicity. because we know this will happen again. as we've seen throughout too many of our cities, and with too much heartache and too many vigils like we experienced today, lowering the flags at half mass, having a moment of silence, people's sincerity and surely their heartfelt thoughts to everyone in newtown are accepted and are wonderful. what is required of elected officials is action. now is the time to act. this is a match that cannot be postponed, and we are complicit congress is complicity if we don't take deeper action. i know it requires dialogue i know as your mayor of new york city indicated restrictions on guns and i have an understanding that we can bring the nra along on this with universal background checks and with respect to assault clips that's the only way you can refer to the magazines that people are able to carry. they have no value in hunting. when terrorists are able to get a gun. when people on a terrorist list are able to get a gun, co
to gun violence. in the context of all that has happened, the lack of action, what is your agenda, and how do you plan to make it real. >> it's no different than it has been the better part of 20 years. i'm a gun owner. i'm a business person. i believe in the second amendment and the right to bear arms but the founders never extended that the second amendment extend to terrorists and criminals to buy guns without even a background check. toy guns and teddy bears have a multitude of regulations of how they're made and marketed. you need an i.d. to vote in many places. but in 33 states it's federal gun policy that you do not need an i.d. or background check to buy an unrestricted, unlimited number of guns. that is federal gun policy. it's left to the states and states do what they want. the only place where there is a background check requirement in assault weapons and handguns is if go to a federally licensed gun dealer. you can go to private dealers out of their homes backpack trunks, flee markets in 33 states and buy assault weapons cash and carry no i.d. or background check. tha
action on the ground that assad may be getting ready for an act of desperation which is using chemical weapons. >> joe, tell us what we know about this stock pile, where they might be and how is it possible for us to prevent them from using them, and is it fair to assume as the ambassador just said, that would be an act of desperation, a sign on his part, of genuine weakness? >> the syrian chemical weapon program has been around for 40 years. it really picked up steam in the 60s, and recently as the mid 90s. we had evidence that russian agents were helping assad secure chemical precursors. we know he has mustard agents, and seron and possibly vx, a more toxic and per citizen tent agent. he has scud missiles, and drop munitions and these are very deadly agents. a few drops on your skin will kill you. we've seen activity at some of the known chemical chemical weapons sites. does not seem is he for securing weapons withweapons but. that's why we heard the president say as directly as he can, the world is watching. if you use these weapons, there will be consequences. >> cenk: let's take t
to keep his reduction on a basic 2005 level by 2020. that's because he has taken action not because a lot of has happened on the congressional side. on the recovery bill they did put in a fair amount of money and they doubled it. i think the first order of business he has got to complete regulation on new power plants, and then take a look at how he wants to approach regulating existing--particularly coal power plants. >> eliot: he has done yeoman's work prospectively about coal burning and really nobody is building coal burning plants these days. but if he moves retrospectively that will make a huge impact. >> i think you'll see coal power plants switch to natural gas which is economic for the utilities because of the big movement towards production because of fracking. so that we'll see more gas in the system, less coal, more renewables in the system, and it will put us on the trajectory towards much more clean energy in the u.s. >> eliot: take from this an enormous range of options for the president. i want to touch on one or two other areas in a moment, but the media focuses so much o
to filibuster and things that get in the way of actual action. something called the hastert rule which exists in the house which says the majority party the republicans won't bring a bill to the floor unless a majority of their own party supports it. i'm a little worried that speaker boehner will not let the sorts of bills you're talking about that would pass if it got to a vote, they may not get to the floor for a vote because of that little speed bump there. how do we deal with that? >> well, in addition to other legislation, i've got one hr277 that deals a lot with parents making sure they secure guns and a number of other items dealing with protective children. but here's the point that i want to make. there has to be a surge of public opinion that includes faith leaders from fundamentalists to conservatives and others in their pulpits this past weekend raising up their voices and for those of us, many different faiths, we know that the part of faith that is scriptured is about action. so i think the first order of busines
, whether it results in action by congress we'll find out in january and february. maybe a little later. but there's no question this time really is different. of anecdotal ways that those of us who do this work for a living. watch. and all of the indicators are there. people who don't normally pay a lot of attention to this issue suddenly are. we're having enormous outporing of interest in getting involved from attorneys around the country, from law enforcement around the country from silicon valley tech leaders from celebrities, people who, you know, are as horrified as the rest of us but for whom it hasn't been their issue suddenly they're pouring in with offers to help. that never happens. >> eliot: there are a core set of proposals the president articulated at his press conference will presumably guide vice president's biden's task force that will report back quickly. let's push the limits here a little bit. what are the more creative ideas? go beyond the limit on magazine size and closing the gun show lo
here in the united states that's going to be prosecuted. there might be some kind of action coming on that in the upcoming months which would be great. but we'll have to wait and see. so far only three of the major banks have been caught up for sure in this and probably more are to come. >> eliot: again here we should remember very well that this was known years ago by the fed, they sent a little e-mail out, take a look at this. never pursued it. never went to the prosecutors. again, the lackadaisical attitude toward what was, in this case, you can argue fixing libor is bigger in terms of the global economy. it is the rate that sets all rates. it is not as egregious as money laundering for drug dealers but they did nothing there as well. >> in terms of impact, it goes way beyond the hsbc case. $700 $800 trillion. >> eliot: not billion trillion. >> trillion. this is the price fixing case to end all price fixing cases. they did know about it way back in 2008. it looks like they didn't act until it became a
of the basic dividing line between sports men's rifles and single action handguns on one hand, and these types of weapons that are only meant to kill large numbers of people on the other hand. that's a bright line that the president can use and exploit and i think he'll have tons of public support in doing so. >> eliot: i think the devision is one that is reflected in the nr a and reflected in the leadership of the nra and the membership of the nra the majority of the nra members would agree with you. we're experts sports men hunters we don't need the magazines with those types of bullets. what would wayne la pierre say on friday when they lift their vow of silence and speak to us. what do you think they'll say? >> i don't know. that's a big question. the only hint we got was this little online chat that they had on their website. in which they made some noises, incredibly enough, about arming more people, and arming more school officials which is just insane. arming teachers, arming--i don't know what. but if that's really the way they go, i think it's going to be so self marginalizing and so
's easy to be critical of lack of action. you both have been saiding that intervention is the least favorable and useful, and we want to contain this process because syria could explode out rather than explode in. ambassador, is there an idea of what a post-assad regime would look like? can we mold them? do we have any sense of what that would look like? >> it's very difficult to forecast that, eliot. thisthis is a collection of varied groups. it looks a lot like the group that was outing muammar gaddafi from libya a year ago. another reason for the united states to be proactive and play a stronger lead is to get to know these people and try to shape this organization on the margins if we can do that, and one more thing, i don't think anybody is proposing an u.s.-military intervention on the ground. we're really talking about political recognition perhaps arm sales at this point. >> eliot: perhaps giving turkey defense mechanism but exactly. i haven't heard anybody say send marines in. michael, let me ask you this. is there anything to the notion that if the internet lines are being
type o' deals, ya know? we got a little bit of action going on here boys. what the (bleep)? hey, what are those? where is he? the longer orange county narcotics deputies spend in the pot fields, the bigger this seizure gets. authorities are saying today that there are hunds of more plants than were originally counted. perhaps as many as three thousand and it could take into tomorrow to confiscate all of the marijuana. you hear of people harvesting 500, 1000 pounds, all the time. you also here about people who had five thousand plant that got busted. to put 5,000 plants into perspective, it would probably be like a vineyard. a couple of city blocks, of marijuana plants and if you got a pound per plant, that would be five thousand pounds. anywhere from three, to let's say four thousand dollars, you're talking about some serious money. what do i think about people who come up here and try to grow two and three thousand plants gardens and wanna get in and out in one year? we don't care for it, it just brings an enormous amount of heat, a lot of feds and it's disrespectful. this is our hom
action. >> it was interesting and when he spoke of that it galvanized. when he spoke about same-sex marriage it shifted public opinion. i for one people that this is an issue ripe for him to take and grab and to move forward on. eric fascinating thing when cob costas used one of the bigger media platforms out there sunday night football, he got a lot of eyeballs, and not necessarily eyeballs who are going to be sympathetic to a gun control issue. i give bob costas a ton of credit. fair or not? >> he said he knew he was going to get criticized. no regrets. he's not going to be run off what he said. it's interesting when you have a sportscaster, both bob costas and jason whitlock. that's sad this is an epidemic. i think the mainstream press talk about the politics, i think the mainstream press has basically adopted the n.r.a. slogan of guns don't kill people people do. >> the voices we're hearing from are coming from not where we would expect. do you go pound on the doors of major media organizations and say please talk about this and what response do you get? >> not a particularl
of action dame i can't. >> i was working on a book about the 1930's and i convinced myself that john was right. >> was that a difficult day. >> it didn't happen all in one moment. i finished this book right in the fall of 2008 just as the economy was falling apart and it suddenly was unmistakably clear to me that we were having the same problems and needed the same identical solutions. we needed more aggregate demand, deficit spending, we needed public worse an easy money policy. that is what the economy needed. i think our problem is we didn't get enough. >> eliot: it's fascinating you articulated this way. judge poser was an iconic voice within the chicago school of economic supply. he went through the same transformation saying different circumstances call for different responses. you don't disavow of word of margenal rates. >> that's exactly right. i don't understand this idea of cocky cutter economics where you simply do the same thing regardless of circumstances. you analyze the data, look at the economy, you come up with policies that are appropriate. >> eliot: now, you have b
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a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. >> eliot: the attacks on unions most recently in wisconsin and indiana now in michigan are part of a much larger war. for more than 50 years unions in the united states have been steadily losing strength at the same time virtually along the same track real wages for most americans have been dropping. for perspective on that, let's bring in robert reich former labor secretary under president clinton, best selling book "beyond outrage" is now available in paperback. professor, mr. secretary what is going on out there? first, explain what is the impact of these right-to-work laws on wages? >> well, very direct, eliot. in fact, right to work is a misnomer. it really should be called an assault on labor unions because those right-to-work laws that have been traditionally confined to anti-labor states make it very, very difficult to form unions. they say essentially there are no union dues. nobody can be required to
's next. take action themselves. as a human being that's really important. this is not just a spectator sport. ♪ ♪ the trucks are going farther. the new 2013 ram 1500. ♪ ♪ with the best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. ♪ ♪ guts. glory. ram. >> eliot: in tonight's facts matter segment the numbers are flying fast fast fast fast and furious about the right to work bill signed yesterday in michigan. take a look at this claim yesterday from fox news. >> as of october the average unemployment rate in right to work.states is 6.9%. but 7in' 6% unemployment in non-right to work.states. the national rate for that month, 7.9%. >> very interesting numbers. >> eliot: they are more than very interesting numbers. they are impossible numbers. they some how find that the average of 6.9% and 7.6% is 7.9 percent without bothering to explain how they got to those numbers, numbers that anybody can he see just don't make sense. we did the hard work and looked at the raw data and it seems that they made the rookie mistake of averaging the state's percentages wi
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)